Acceptable forms of payment for on-line ordering are: MASTERCARD, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER, PayPal.


An e-mail will be sent to you immediately after we receive your order as an acknowledgement and a receipt to you that we have received your order and are processing it. This e-mail receipt will also contain important information and directions about the correct installation of the product to assure you obtain the maximum results from the product. The e-mail receipt may also contain information about other related products you may be interested in purchasing, as well as any sale items at the time of your order.


All orders are shipped the same day as they are received or the next work day. Your order should be received within a few days of our receipt of it. All shipments, export or otherwise, are made in the most economical and reliable manner for you to receive the product as quickly as is reasonably possible.


An authorized return form will be sent to you by e-mail to be used in the event that merchandise received is not that which was ordered or the merchandise has been damaged in shipment (See Damage Claims below). No returns will be accepted without the use of this specific form and the authorization by us for the return. The procedure for obtaining this authorization is to e-mail with information and reasons for your wish to return the product. Products cannot be returned for exchange unless your order was filled incorrectly.


In the event that you receive a package that has been damaged or tampered with, the following simple procedure should be followed: Sign the U.P.S. or other carrier’s bill of lading and note that the outside carton appears damaged. If a loss or damage has taken place, notify U.P.S. or other carrier by phone within 72 hours. They will send a person down to see you. All our shipments are insured, so if for any reason you do not get satisfaction, call us for assistance. We’ll be happy to help you.