Buckminster Fuller invented the Geodesic Dome. Triangular shapes attached to other triangular shapes. The larger the dome the lighter it is proportionate to its size.

An amazing engineering dynamic. A Geodesic dome can be built to span any space — hundreds or thousands of feet wide — with no other support than its own structural dynamics of interlocking triangles. They’re now used all over the world.

Imagine the genius.

Buckminster Fuller could think outside the box.
And we reap the benefits.

So what does that have to do with Microlon?


Except that Bill Williams, inventor of Microlon could too. Think outside the box.

And he took his Microlon formula on to win the “Medaille De Vermeil” at the “Salon International des Techniques Nouvelles” in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1978.

Microlon won first among its class for new product innovations — a prize that has been awarded only 7 times in the past century. No one has come close to it, since then, ever, anywhere.

Microlon is one of a kind. It’s just not like anything else.

All over the world . . . city buses, school buses, over-the-road trucks, NASCAR and Formula race cars, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, cable cars and my cars . . . use this amazing formula for greater gas mileage, more horsepower and lower emissions.

Imagine the genius.

And you reap the benefits.

Just one thing done right can change everything in many ways.

Bill had his mind set on a new formula for getting as close as possible to breaking Newton’s Physical Laws of Objects in Motion. And he was relentless. He failed over one hundred times before finding the formula for Microlon – but now it’s one of the world’s great products.

So now we see what he saw. Microlon changed the way engines operate. Decreased fuel use. Increased power.

And that one thing done right changed other things!

  1. Microlon also enables Engines to last longer.
  2. Microlon also eliminates substantial exhaust emissions.

We promise to bring you one of the best products in the world. And to do it right.

Just like Bill, we are relentless in this. We insist that you are pleased with your experience with Microlon and with us.

If we have failed to live up to our promise to you in any way, please let us know.

If you have any questions about any of the Microlon products or their uses, please do not hesitate for a moment to let us know. No questions should go unanswered.

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