Permanently Increase Gas Mileage and Horsepower

Microlon Engine Metal Treatment Gives You
More Effective Friction Reduction
Than the Best Lubricant You Can Buy Anywhere!

That’s Quite A Claim, Isn’t It?

But It’s Backed-Up By the Companies’ Testimonials You’ll See When You Scroll Down This Page. This and My Good Name.

Are You Missing-Out On This Legendary Engine Treatment
Simply Because You’ve Never Heard Of It? That’s Not Fair.

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Microlon Has Been Used For More Than Thirty Years By Specialized Mechanics in Racing, Aviation and Transport Who Are Paid For Their Unique Talent for Getting the Most From An Engine In High Stress Situations.

So If You Haven’t Heard of Microlon, One Reason Is That It’s Been One of Their Most Prized and Closely Guarded Trade-Secrets.

Another Reason Is Because Microlon Is So Well-Known To Expert Mechanics Around the World That the Microlon Corporation Does No Advertising. And You Won’t Find Microlon In A Store Anywhere.

It’s no wonder you don’t know about it.

But you don’t have to miss-out anymore.

Here’s What These Experts Know That Even Your Own Mechanic Doesn’t.

Microlon’s Award Winning Metal Technology Reduces Friction So Much You’ll Get Better Gas Mileage, and More Horsepower.

Microlon Protects Your Engine From Wear In Ways That Even the Best Lubricants Don’t . . . Because They Can’t Provide the Metal Treatment Microlon Does.

You will get a longer engine life. Even Caterpillar’s big diesels get up to 40% longer engine life. See their comments below. And you’ll have few if any repairs due to wear and tear.

Consider This!

Microlon was approved by the FAA in 1978. Read the FFA statement below. And it remains approved and used to this day. That’s 30 years of meeting high standards without a problem.

Others might say they are like Microlon. But they simply are not.

Microlon is a Scientifically Advanced Metal Technology
That Has Been Used By Aircraft and Race Car Mechanics,
Fleet Mechanics, and even Metal Tooling, for More Than 30 Years . . .
Because It Works.

Honored by the world’s scientific community, Microlon is truly a one-of-a-kind metal technology.

Award Winning Metal Treatment

Microlon was awarded the “Medaille De Vermeil” at the “Salon International des Techniques Nouvelles” in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1978, for being the first among its class of new product innovations.


“… I believe I can state that the application of this product [Microlon] in industry will result in the most significant gains in overall productivity since the introduction of carbide tooling.”

“The baseline philosophy of various French and other European corporations with their on-going applications of Microlon … in virtually all of their machine tools … is a philosophy that can be anticipated to be broadly applied throughout the U.S. and Canadian industry.”

“There will certainly be some problems in getting “less than progressive” companies to “share the trade secret” of the application of Microlon, but proper exposure and marketing within the industry should easily overcome this very slight shortcoming.

–Frank R. Lindsey
Mgr, Machining Operations
East Aurora, New York

From Porsche AG by the VW Emission Lab, Woodland Hills, California

A test of the effects of Microlon was conducted on a Porsche 928 for Porsche AG. The following results were obtained:

HC reduced 40.3%
CO reduced 62.6%
NOX reduced 20.0%
Mileage MPG Increased 9.8%

Porsche said the improvements shown were significant. Other data not related to the Microlon results on this test is privileged information. If verification of this test is necessary, it can be obtained from Porsche AG in Culver City, California

–Kurt Meier’s office
Volkswagen of America
Western Region

From Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Limited

Test data was gathered at the Kamloops branch of Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Limited:

On March 11, 1980, the test engine was run for 2.5 hours with no oil in the crankcase. it should be noted that the water temperature rose only 3 degrees above the after-treatment averag; still 0.5 degree lower than the before-treatment averate. The compression on all four cylinders is also still above the before-treatment results. After replacing the oil, all factors returned to the after-treatment values. In no way do we recommend running an engine without oil, however this is a dramatic demonstration of the protective dry lubricating film provided by Microlon used in equipment.

–Mr. Ewen Topolinsky
Branch Manager
Kamloops branch of cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Limited

From the City Public Transportation — Maintenance Department, Austin, Texas

“From initial Treatment with Microlon to the last available figures, Oil consumption averages have moved from an untreated 286 MPQ (Miles per Quart) to a treated 1075 MPQ average. It reflects a savings of 73.39% in Oil usage.” “Treated bus #1419’s Fuel consumption was checked against ten other 1100 series [Laidlaw] busses. July Fuel records indicated an aggregate, averaged rate of 3.7 MPG (Miles per Gallon) while (bus) #1419 averaged 4.4 MPG for an indicated savings of 18.92%.”

Fuel consumption with Microlon Treatment compared to an equal number without Microlon Treatment by weight, by scale and by meter; average Increase in MPG was 27.81% with Microlon treated busses compared to those without Microlon Treatment.”

Operating temperatures of Oil declined from 197° F., to 193° and water temperatures declined from 170° to 165° F. in those buses treated with Microlon.”

–Austin City Public Transportation
Mark Haught, Maintenance
Capital Metro,
Austin, Texas

“Based on the data submitted and tests witnessed by our Kansas City Engineering and Manufacturing District Office personnel, “Microlon” is considered satisfactory for use in aircraft Engines having up to 1,000 cubic inches displacement.

“This acceptance is based on the test results showing no detrimental effects on the test Engine, turbo supercharger, etc.”

–Don P. Watson
Chief Engineering and Manufacturing Branch, ASW-210
Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration

Frank Lindsey of MOOG Aerospace, called Microlon
“the greatest advancement in metal technology since carbide tooling.”


The Care and Feeding of Vehicles and the People Who Love Them


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Tests conducted by Caterpillar showed an estimated increase in the engine life* of between 20% and 40%. Fuel consumption immediately dropped 10% with the same horsepower. We do know for certain that Microlon does not damage the engine.”


“I have to send a big thanks out to Microlon products. Last years engine is still in the car with the same Microlon treatment, and it hasn’t lost a step. Thanks to Microlon, we are on the road again to take the championship again.”

Ryan Cie Chanski,
Fastest SSC Honda Civic In The Central Division.

“…..I had a strong feeling that I had a power increase and that it idles smoother and more consistently than prior to treatment…”

Bill Shields
British Columbia Snow Vehicle Assn.
British Columbia, BC

“…..my truck now has 260,000 miles and I have not repaired or replaced any mechanical parts….”

Martin Benevich
Big Canyon Television
Alpine Texas

“Five to seven miles of full throttle at Bonneville Salt Flats destroys dozens and dozens of engines per year. Survival is very difficult. We race with no backup engines. We survive. We break records. We thank you Microlon.”

Progress Team

“…..Since our treatment, we have had no repair costs, the units are operating with a lot less noise, recovery time is more than 10% less…”

Ray Hall
Service Director
Champion Chevrolet – Reno, Nevada

“…..conducted tests….sulferic acid added to the treated and untreated crank cases….the acid attacked and etched all lubricated surfaces. The acid had no effect whatsoever on any part of the treated engine…”

Gary Glaxner
Gulf Fleet Marine Corporation

“ASR Motorsports has started using Microlon now, and let my say, Microlon is incredible. Building 50 to 450 cc racing motors, we are always looking for ways to reduce friction. There was a measurable increase in horse power after using Microlon. Our 50 cc motors dyno at 14hp after assembling with Micronlon. We gained 1.4 HP! That is incredible considering the small displacement.”

Andy Stix
ASR Motorsports

“As a Professional racer, it is part of my job to assure we have every available advantage to get us into victory lane. Microlon delivers a valued advantage. Put some Microlon Race formula in and you will be a believer!”

Lawrance Lowshack
Multiple Champion & Multiple Track Record Holder

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