About Microlon

Why would some of the largest car makers in the world recommend Microlon for the engines of their new cars?

Because it will make their cars run better. And it costs the company much less for warranty work over the lifetime of the car. The company and its customers both like that.

Think they might be onto something?

Microlon is a metal technology unmatched by anything in the world. It’s not a lubricant or an oil additive or a fuel additive.

It is Microlon.

  • One treatment of Microlon will last the life of your engine.
    Yes, you read it right.
    One treatment is all you need for the life your engine!! It never wears out.
  • The kind of fuel or oil you use doesn’t matter at all!
    Microlon is a metal treatment. Remember?
    It’s about friction! It’s not about the fuel or the lubricant.
    Even a new hybrid engine can use Microlon — whether it runs on hydrogen fuel cells or water or electricity or whatever.
    Hybrid engines still have moving parts, so they have energy-robbing friction.
  • Microlon Warrants its products for a full three years.
    But in thirty years, there’s never been a claim made against the product. Not one.
  • Here’s the icing on the cake.
    Microlon will reduce your engine’s exhaust emissions! A lot!!

    Engines treated with Microlon will reduce exhaust emissions exceeding EPA standards.
    That means you’ll be way ahead of the curve for the new laws and restrictions on exhaust emissions. And that helps you and it helps the air we breathe.
    Want proof? Here are the results of tests conducted on Microlon in gasoline engines per the 511 Program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency published Federal Register: (you can see the complete test results in our facts and testimonials pages.)
    • Microlon reduced Hydrocarbon emissions by 24.9%Microlon reduced Carbon Monoxide emissions by 43.8%.Microlon reduced Nitrous Oxide emissions by 21.4%
    The study was conducted to test Microlon’s reduction of exhaust emissions, but the test also showed “an increase in fuel economy.”

    And while you’re checking on this, look at the emissions and gas mileage tests done by Porsche on its own Porsche 928. You’ll find them on our Home Page and in our Testimonials.

Stop for a moment and think about this. Increased horsepower. Increased gas mileage. And decreased emissions. It sounds incredible!

But it’s only logical.

Here’s why: Because greatly reduced friction enables your engine to completely burn your fuel. Not just blow the half-burned fuel remnants and gunk out the exhaust. Everything just works better and smoother with Microlon. And this is also why you get more horsepower and better MPG.

Think about it. It just makes sense.

Now you can get the increased horsepower and fuel savings that the professionals have been getting for years. Plus extremely lower exhaust emissions and longer engine life with less maintenance!

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I can’t imagine there is any logical reason why you’re not already ordering this. A lot of people (our customers) are getting a big advantage from Microlon.